Engagement Ring Styles

Engagement Ring Styles

Every year, engagement ring style gains its popularity, undergoes a makeover and 2018 is no different. Choosing a right ring for your partner can be a tedious job because there are so many designs and stones available that make it difficult to choose what. Be sure to select a well-cut diamond as the cut quality impacts the diamond beauty to a great extent. Well, this article is about the strong trends for Engagement Ring Styles that you will be seeing all around this year.

1.Three stone setting

Three stone setting

Since the time Prince Harry popped the question to Miss Megan Markle, this trend has made a craze amongst the crowd. The prince gifted a three-stone setting ring with yellow gold band. The center cushion cut diamond is known to be 2.5 carats from Botswana. Besides being a gorgeous ring, it has a meaning attached to it. 3 stones define- Past, Present and Future while present gets a bigger diamonds. This surely makes a safe bet for brides today.

2.Oval Cut

Oval Cut

There is something about oval cut diamond rings that make it look sophisticated and simply stunning. It gives a vintage and a modern vibe in a single glance. We promise this ring for sure will be seen way more than others on the board and why not? It makes the diamond appear bigger and elongated shape. This ring has been a popular choice amongst the celebrities as well Blake Lively, Serena Williams and Julianne Hough.

3.Stacked rings

Stacked rings

For some, less isn’t more and we get it why. For people who like to make a statement while being overstated then this is surely the one for you. You have seen a lot this on Instagram lately. It involves combining of a few different bands together to make it look cohesive. This can be a little curating for people who are less thoughtful but it sure looks too gorgeous to pass. You can mix different metals or keep the same; everything about this is in trend.

4.Colored gems

Colored gems

Past couple of years has witnessed a great shift in the preference of metal and stones. People no longer wish to keep their symbol of love traditional rather they go for something modern like rose gold in metal. Talking about stones, Sapphires, Emeralds and Yellow Diamonds make a decent cut to this category. They look absolutely unique and personalized.

5.East-west Setting

East-west Setting

East west setting rings are rings onto which the center stone is placed horizontally than vertically on the band. It gives an elongated apprehension about the diamond. Emerald cut diamonds looks beautiful in this setting. You can go for oval cuts too.


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