Do you ever wonder how certain people pull off any look yet look stylish? You might think it’s all about the branded clothes, owning a stylist, a never ending closet and cashing out your plastic money. Well, there is another piece to the puzzle- Accessories. Accessorizing has come a long way from the time when matchy-match was the reign to now the time of minimalism. There is an art of accessorizing which decides which bag to choose, what shoe to wear and what jewelry would do the work. Here is a list of must-know tips and tricks so that you can ace the game of dress up.

  1. Matchy match is outdated

Shoes matching the bag and contrasting with the dress, is not a thing anymore. Match your outfits with your accessories without even being matchy. Keep the color, texture, metal and shapes in mind while picking up right jewelry for any outfit. While shopping for bags, pick a color that goes with everything so that you don’t need to buy a bag every time you plan to go somewhere.

  1. Understand how much is too much

Here’s the thing, never carry too much accessories at once. You don’t want to end up dressing for a fancy dress competition. Always carry 1 maximum 3 accessories at a time. If you are carrying statement earrings then don’t carry any scarf or neckpieces as it will divert the attention to various parts. Don’t add bangles, cocktail rings if you have already accessorized your neckline.

  1. Comfortable shoes will do

It all comes down to zero if you are not comfortable. Prominent fashion icons said fashion is about comfort. Shoes are the real deal; it gives you confidence from within. Know what height and what type of shoe gives you the comfort. Try to ease it out, if you have a strict pattern. If you are keeping your best foot-forward make sure you are keeping the comfort as the key.

  1. Be minimalistic

This age is the age of minimalism “Less is more”. Victoria Beckham’s style is what we are talking about here. Be subtle with your choices perhaps it will give you a clean look. If your outfit is flashy, high on fashion or anything too much then minimalistic accessories can make a statement in their subtlety. A simple ankle strap sandal, a choker will be a smart pick if the clothing has a lot going on already.

  1. Long chains

When in doubt, do the long chain. A long chain can never be a deceiver if you don’t know how to dress minimalistic. For the beginners, long chain can be worn with any outfit and manage to look simple and elegant. A long strand that hits just below the bust makes you look taller and leaner.

  1. Watch to the wrist

You can create a minimalistic vibe and absolutely under garnished by simply carrying a wrist watch. Mix the metals and create your own style statement. you can carry a bracelet with a watch on the wrist. It will not only give you a strong appeal but will also add a glamour quotient without even doing much.


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