Light Wash Jeans

Light Wash Jeans

For casual settings jeans make appropriate choice but there’s something about light washed pair. Lighter denim is inherently more casual than dark blue and black denims. Summer is the time of colors perhaps there cannot be any time perfect to capitalize them. Light pair is easy to style and easy to carry. All you need is a T-shirt to complement with Light Wash Jeans and you are good to go

T-shirt with light jeans
Image: dhgate

Lighter, washed out denims are back in fashion. It has undergone an image upgrade this year, coming in a wide variety of cuts and washes like never before. If you want a new way to style out the trend, having tired of your skinny black pair, opt for a light shade instead. Distressed denim combined with a stone was effect makes for jeans that look they have really lived. For a modern Indie appeal carry washed denim with chunky pair of docs and a tee.

You can pair light colored distressed denim with oxford white shirt to get effortlessly cool and sexy aesthetic. White shirt and light colored denims makes a pair that can run for money anytime. To ace the dodgy Euro vibe you add a fussy sweatshirt to the look. This you could play simple yet very chic. Try H&M neck jumpers! For foot, try to keep as classic as white sneakers or leather trainers.

Denim jacket
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Well, fitting is everything when it comes to light washes. Unless you spend time on your type it is not easy to master these jeans. Know your body type and your height to make a difference. Pale colors can be little flattering if you go for skinny pair. A straight fit is perfect for shorter men because neither it clings to your thighs nor it looks baggy and uncanny. Keep it straight and simple, it will grace out on its own. Even slim-fit jeans can make a nice cut to the fashion quotient.

straight fit jeans
Image: istock

Almost any color t-shirt can do justice to your denim. Prefer tees that do not contrast much. Any sort of second layer, like casual bombers jacket will work too. Mind it, if your jeans is fitting well, nothing matters at the end. Shirts that have casual prints or close check prints can make a cool and effortless feel. Carry button up shirts with this pair, it can give a laidback appeal. Play with the vibe as you play with the shoes. For dressier setting, go for suede they look classy AF.


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