Love Bands

Wedding ring trend

Wedding Ring trends

A wedding ring is the world’s smallest handcuff that enslaves you for rest of your life. It is the mark of commitment and represents the never ending cycle of love and prosperity. Market has a wide range of wedding rings but what if you both could wear a same ring? Yes, in the world of twinning where couple matches their clothes and shoes they are also matching their wedding rings too. Such rings are known as love bands. A simple looking ring that is made up of either platinum or gold, narrating your love life is everything that you want for your wedding. And it is also called Eternal Love Symbol

Diamonds are women’s best friend, well guys that’s a cliche. Today, men like to flaunt their diamond rings too. Love bands are super stylish and how a small diamond that is incorporated in the ring maintains the class and sophistication. Chunky wedding rings are no longer in trend now. Today people prefer simple jewelry that compliments their simple living.

These rings are called love bands because a ring is the only visible proof of a marriage and marriage is a relationship of love and understanding. Wedding rings are worn for life and it is very important to pick something that looks eternal. Fashion changes but style doesn’t Keep your style sober when it comes to picking up engagement rings. Love bands bind your love relationship into a stylish way. Love bands usually come in gold and platinum. Now day’s people prefer more platinum rings as their engagement ring because of the sophisticated and versatile look.

Why Love Bands?

why love band?

People opt for thin pretty bands that accomplish the elegance and class. Love bands have small diamonds that ads shimmer to your engagement ring. Platinum is a metal that never goes out of fashion, similarly your commitment and dedication for marriage is staying. You can have your own personalized love bands for you and your partner. You can engrave each other’s initials on the ring. If you are that passionate, you can even get each other’s name engraved, relationship goals! Besides the monotonous metals like platinum and silver you can go advance on rose gold.

Today grooms are also picking up rose gold rings for their life long wearing and coordinating the design and pattern to the rings of their brides. If your partner loves diamond, you can have solitaire bands for you both. We all know, solitaire rings are gorgeous and very aspiring. Give your partner a surprise by picking love bands for you both. Let them also know how much you love them and ready to share their life space with the ring.
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