Best Sunglasses For Women

Best Sunglasses For Women

Fashion trends keep on changing as season changes but one thing that is stapling through all kind of weather is Sunglasses. There are two kinds of people when it comes to sunglasses: those who stick with same aviators for ages and those who like to shake things up with trends. Well, this year the eyewear game is daring rather impractical. But that is where the fun begins isn’t it? Here it is Best Sunglasses For Women

Sunglasses today

sunglasses today
Image- the flor de sol boutique


Sunglasses have become most playful in 2018. Be it Gigi Hadid, Priyanka Chopra or the Kardashians, most of the street fashion celebs are crushing over the sunglasses range, this summer has come up with. Cutting into neon frames, skinny lens, matrix designs and several others have taken a stage. You can take your staple frames and revamp them into newest proposition. Thanks To New York Fashion Week, Coachella and Instagram that all these hot favs are on our screens. If you are looking forward to ramp up your style game this season, be sure to keep the picks ahead on your shopping list.

1.Extreme cat eyes


Extreme cat eyes

Cat eye frames became popular few years back but this time they have gone wild. It has become a main stay when it comes to sunglasses frames because of its design. A pair that can elongate your facial frame and give you a devil-may-care whimsy look, that’s perfect. With its pronounced angles, sleek design and eye grabbing color combo it has become a must have.

2.Tiny Tinted sunglasses

Tiny Tinted sunglasses

Bella Hadid and Selena Gomez have been spotted wearing the tiny glasses. The miniaturized lenses can be worn with everything from street wear to office trips. Tinted glasses are one of the biggest trends this year. Glorious pink, burnt orange, light blue and sunshine yellow are hot favorites.

3.Round frames

Round frames
Image- fashionisers

This pair gives the truest retro vibes. The lenses are close together and a thorough look revealed a double bridge. They give a little steampunk twist that is irresistible for sure. Oversized round frames are in too.

4. Ski goggles

Ski goggles
Image- vogue

People who love oversize might fall for this goggle type. Eyewear that ever since been popular on field is now popular on the streets too. Stars like Kaia Gerber are already rocking them which proves its popularity and in demand.

5.Rim-Free sunglasses

Rim-Free sunglasses
Image- sweet couch

Rims have been quite much now it is the time to go rimless. The resulting look is equal parts breezy and avant-garde. Plus, frames are super lightweight that will make you forget your old pairs.

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