Choker Designs

Choker Designs

80’s and 90’s are hitting 2018 fashion hard with several comeback trends. One of them is choker necklaces. It’s been 2 years that this trend seemed to be the only constant on the runway. It’s time for you to curl into your mom’s wardrobe and take away her neckpieces that she used to wear in her times. Choker Design has come a long way since 90’s. Many celebrities like Zeenat Aman, Raveena Tondon and other fashion models rocked Choker pieces in their times. 2018 too added chokers as mainstream fashion accessory. Think about a neckpiece that you can carry with your almost every outfit and on any occasion, dream isn’t? Chokers are the best fashion accessory that you must own. From your semis to swimwear, they shall always keep your back.

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The chic looking chokers are available in abundance right now. Making hardly difference to your pocket, chokers are wooing the everyday fashion lovers. Metallic, fabricated, leather, velvet, laces and what not types can give you the best of the edgy vibes. If you are picking your best LBD (little black dress) for your date night, try black teardrop choker, it has a little pendant in the center. Ladies, it will make you look high end delicate fashionista.

Off-shoulder tops or dresses are best teamed with chokers because all of the concentration goes on your throat and your bare skin visible. Either you pick stretched metallic choker or just a black leather choker for the look. You can also play with their broadness. Get yourself a sleek as well as a very broad turtle neck choker for your everyday college dressing. Choker can enhance you basic low neck tees. Make a clever move by mixing black and metallic choker neckpiece that you can pair with your any party pick. You can also carry choker along with your long chains, it will look glamorous.

If you guys haven’t mixed your choker with other neckpieces in your jewelry box then you are highly underestimating the essence of this trend. Pair your minimalistic neckpieces with chokers and see what it do to upgrade your style.


Many Bollywood Divas proved that chokers are officially in trend now. Deepika Padukone, Soonam Kapoor, Alia Bhatt and Jacqueline Fernandez are the leading Bollywood actresses in the choker game. Sonakshi sinha wore most loved off duty look in a white tank top, chambray shirt and distressed jeans. Besides that her choker made a whole new style statement.

Cut to the runway, Versace displayed its very chic collection of chokers in its spring collection. The brand placement on the jewelry gives it worth a look. Bella Hadid looks absolutely stunning on the runway with this choker. Many other brands like Alexandra Wang, Gucci and several other brands couldn’t help but to include this never going away fashion trend on their runway. Milan Fashion Runway 2018 got a lot of chokers this year. So, ladies! Grab your pieces today.

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