jewelry trends 2018

Jewelry Trends 2018

Wondering what type of jewelry will make a statement in 2018? What to add in and what to toss out. Well, this the Jewelry Trend 2018 is bold, daring and certainly not compromising.This year is dedicated in making the jewelry center piece. Jewelry of 2018 is all about strong and decisive statement making. Check our best pick from runway this year:

1.Asymmetrical hoops

Asymmetrical hoops
Image- accessorize

Hoop earrings could possibly be the oldest accessory in books of Israel that are 3200years old. This classic has once again become a trend accessory. This time simple hoops are modified to something chic and bold. Embellished, larger and differently shaped are amongst the hot favorite. While asymmetrical might sound odd to you but mix-matching and abstract is what talk of the town is. The traditional ones are remodeled with extra bulk.

2.Embellished earcuffs

Embellished earcuffs
Image- accessorise magazine

Ears have got the most this year and we are not complaining. Earcuffs are known to be best forge if you do not have multiple piercing on ears. For people who are afraid of dreading their cartilage, earcuffs are in this season. Geometric shapes and delicate stones make up a wide range of cuffs and ear crawlers available in gold and gunmetal.

3.Layered necklace

Layered necklace

Layered necklace are having huge moment this year. At this time, forget about what is in what is out mix up your neckpieces and make something new out of it because layering neckpieces is what everybody is doing. Pile on sentimental, symbolic and borderline pieces together to form something new. This helps to achieve a delicate, sophisticated and elegant appeal.

4.Statement earrings

Statement earrings
Image- hear2heartfinejewelry

This year statement pieces are actually designed to leave statement with bigger, bolder and longer in appearance. Statement pieces have become gaudy and larger than life this year and are just overwhelming. Unique light weight designs are available in market that won’t hurt your lobe and pocket. Carry them with your evening dresses or brunches to make statement.

5.Pearl jewelry

Pearl jewelry
Image- ht

Pearl is a timeless symbol of beauty and world knows it. In 2018, pearls have become big, better and chicer. Use pearls to embellish your ears, neck, wrists and fingers because pearl on any piece is in. pearl makes a sophisticated choice and we know why. Click on the link to read more about pearl jewelry trend

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