slip skirt

Slip Skirt

You open your Instagram and all of the feeds and trending going gaga over these amazing skirts. Well, there is something about them that we want them to be in our wardrobe immediately. The Slip Skirt trend once loved a lot by 90’s women and somehow this trend is making a vibe in 2018.The best thing about these skirts is that they are simple, elegant and easy to bring out for any occasion. The silk slip skirts are one’s everyone is talking about. Scroll down to find more about in our style file.

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Slip skirts are easy to pair. Do with T-shirts, Blouse, sweatshirts, sweater or anything and everything. As much as they are easy to pair with they are easy to pull off as well. Need not worry about your petite, these skirts happen to take everything under-control.Heels, trainers, sneakers, wedges or even boots, skirts are the next best thing. Every fashion editor have these on their wish list and why not? These slip skirts are available in as many fabrics you can think of- silk, satin, crepe etc. As an updated take on the classic silhouette (slip dress), these slip skirts are infinitely more versatile.

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The 90’s time, when these skirts were practically used as a multi-purpose undergarment that helped dresses and skirts to hang properly also warm the body. These skirts were liberated from the lingrie section to forefront in 90’s. However, until last year it didn’t ring a bell.Now, the industry is rather obsessed with its versatility, appeal and ease. These skirts are available in various prints and colors. Animal prints, digital prints and serene colors. If you are a skirt person or not this would surely give you a feel.

Image courtesy- Harper’s Bazaar

You probably won’t believe the sellout success of Realisations leopard print slip skirt! Realisation ever since created items that immediately takes over the internet by storm. Last week, top instagram stars posted wearing slip-style skirts in leopard print. The skirt ended right below the knees. Light, body-skimming and fabrics have made it one of the preferred choice ideal for this summer season. The joy of carrying this skirt is that it can be followed for many formal occasion’s as well. pair it with camisole, tops or crisp white shirt and add heeled sandals to the look.

Feel free to get a kick-start on this trend right before it goes away or become standard.


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