how to wear a suit

How to wear a suit

Here’s a fact. Buying a suit is like buying insurance- hefty but ultimately pays off! A suit is one of the staple items that can be found in a men’s wardrobe. A good suit gives you confidence and act like body armor but who buys a new suit when on budget? We suggest that there is absolutely no harm in wearing the same suit two days in a row. All you need is to be clever enough to get away without even being noticed.

Here are some tips and tricks that might help you to style your suit in different ways. These tips can make your suit look entirely different and totally fashionable. For starters, invest in a good tailored suit. Lousy or ill-fitting suits are big turn off wherever you go.

1.Pair with a t-shirt beneath

Pair with a t-shirt beneath

It is one of the bona fide menswear combo and why not? Many Bollywood celebs do it this way- Karthik Aryaan, Ranbir Kapoor. Stick to a crew neck t-shirt in a shade that chimes with your suit. Focus on the fit because baggy t-shirt might add extra pounds on your midsection or too tight might get you uncomfortable.

2.Roll neck and suit

Roll neck and suit

During autumn and winter this style might help you to save the day. consider laying a roll neck t-shirt or a sweater under your suit jacket. Ranbir Kapoor did it in Koffee with Karan last season why can’t you? a little woolen inside will not only keep you warm but stylish too. Go for subtle shades in it.

3.Layering for the sporty look

Layering for the sporty look

Thanks to Burberry and Prada magazines that we have this idea of styling. Layering is probably the best approach out there. Carry a v-neck sweater beneath your suit jacket for a new take on autumnal nine to five. You can also go for some sweatshirts with thin fabric. Go for basic shades. Try not to add monograms or brandings.

4.Black on black

Black on black

Black on black looks sophisticated and manly but it can also turn your overall look like a mobster. While dressing up in all black outfits, the shirt, the sweater or the tee needs to be in the same shade as the jacket. A little variation and your entire look will be a disaster. Whichever will be the lighter item it will appear as faded.

5.Mix and match

Mix and match

It might sounds like an accident. Combine jackets and trousers from different suits can give you endless options to mix and match. For starters go for tonal shades.


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