How to Pack Jewellery

How to Pack Jewellery

Its summer-spring break already, all of us are thinking about much needed break from tight schedules at our workplace. The excitement to try new outfits and to travel in style is up a notch too but with jewelry tangling how? We know you would probably don’t want to leave them back at home, do you? Well, we have some of the tips and tricks that will save you from negotiating the idea of style travel. Check this out How to Pack Jewellery for vacation

Make a decision- which one!

what to pack
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Don’t pack your complete jewelry box for vacation sake. Choose your outfit and so the jewelry piece you would want to carry with it. It may be in your best interest to leave your most expensive and sentimental pieces at home. All we want to say is be realistic and pack accordingly. To keep your option open pack stud, hoops and dangle earrings, some pendants, a few bracelets and a watch to add into your versatility. Here are some ways to avoid tangling and misplacing.

1.Jewelry case/organizer

Jewelry case/organizer
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If you are much of a packer or travel frequently, keeping a jewelry organizer might be a wise idea. Don’t buy a pricey one, just look for something that has more compartments to keep jewelry individually. It will prevent them from tangling. Also, it would be easier to find what you’re after quickly. Buy something lightweight and travel sized, so that you can carry it in your carry-on.

2.Straws and eyewear case

Straws and eyewear case
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Minimal chains, statement necklaces are elegant by the time they get tangled into each other. It is one heck of a tedious job to untangle them safely. Well, not any more. Pass delicate chains through sipping straws and lock them individually. It will keep them intact and real safe. Put all the straws into an eyewear case and there you go. All organized!

3.Pill box and buttons

Pill box and buttons
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Travelling with earrings can be tricky too. Finding the pair and the runner back can be painstaking. It is common to misplace them or worse loose one from the pair. You can tuck them into big buttons so that the pair won’t go away. A pill box is recommended to store dainty studs. It will give each pair a compartment, so you know where you kept which one. Old candy box or mint box can be a good choice too.

4.Pouches and plastic zip locks

Pouches and plastic zip locks
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For people with low maintenance, a soft pouch is perfect. It can be very easy to keep all of it together into a pouch. If you are running short of space, pouches would do well. Small plastic zip locks can be used to keep all the jewelry individually and then bind all together in a small pouch.


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