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Stripes Fashion

Stripes are the basics just like your black leggings that go almost with everything. This season, stripes fashion made a comeback with the revival of 80’s fashion. Wearing simple pattern with style and innovation is the trend of 2018. From black and white staple trend to colorful stripes all are ‘in’ this season. Stripes are the most versatile, simple and sophisticated print out there. A stripe tee goes with every possible bottom in your wardrobe. Solid stripes look retro and trendy; you can try French basic stripes. Know more about the stripes pattern and tips to carry it like a pro.

1. Vertical print

Vertical print
Ladies, this is your best friend if you are petite. It is basic fashion tactic that vertical prints make you look taller. Vertical stripes create an illusion to our eyes that makes you thinner and taller. Wearing vertical print skirts can help you to show off your long legs creating slimmer silhouette. You can carry this print on jumpsuits, maxi dresses and on your blazers to give a dazzling look. Trousers in this print can add more to your office attire and it looks completely professional. Carry with plain white shirt and minimal accessories.
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vertical print 2

2. Horizontal print

Horizontal print

A horizontal print is more preferred print to enhance your curves. In case, you are carrying horizontal print this could be a flattery but bolds decision. You can try horizontal stripes t-shirts for your basic look, pair it with distressed denim and cool espadrilles. There is a wide range in horizontal stripes- fat stripes, thin stripes, colourful stripes and zigzag lines. Whatever you wear make sure you look sophisticated. You can wear horizontal stripes blouse under Dungarees to stand out.
Horizontal print 2

Stripes on accessories

Stripe scarves look great when carried on plain basic t-shirt. To master the art of dressing always wear less accessories. Get stylish with stripes on bags. It is the safest way to carry stripes trend and goes well with the one colour dress. You can make your look even more experimenting by choosing colours like orange, pink and neon. Wearing stripes on shoes can be a tricky situation. Go for ballet feets or loafers in case you wish to wear on feet.
stripes on accessories


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