Meenakari Jewellery

Meenakari Jewellery

India is a country with rich heritage and culture. Our spices, food, scenic beauty and heritage sites are world recognized. Most of all, the diversity in taste of Jewelry is what world enjoys. Kundan Jewelry, Polki and Meenakari Jewelry are some of the fascinating ones which are not only beautiful but simply an amalgamation of art and culture.


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The Indian Jewelry market has noticed a shift in the preference of Jewelry in recent years as their taste has become contemporary with time. Today, they like to invest in Jewelry which is lightweight, exquisite design, impeccable finish and truly modern. The days of chunky and heavy pieces are over. But, Kundan and Polki Jewelry are still surviving with the constant changes taking place in the taste and preferences. These kinds of jewelries have come a long way in our Indian history of culture legacy. The detailing, the curves, the designs are made from craftsmanship. Here’s to the facts about our Kundan Meenakari Jewelry that has graced our necklines from ages and ages hence.

1. Meenakari can be done without stonework

Meenakari can be done without stonework
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Indian Jewelry is known for their extensive stone work that also have some precious stones as a part of Jewelry. Meenakari involves a variety of techniques through which Jewelry is decorated with patterns and enamel color. Meenakari can be implemented on the front side of the piece, with back left unpainted and decorated with stamp. It is embellished with enamel. It can be done on gold, silver, copper or bronze metal.

2. Know Polki Jewelry

Know Polki Jewelry
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Polki is a Jewelry that has rose cut stones preferably uncut stones. It is non-polished, unshaped to a specific measurement. Polki can be diamonds, crystals or even glass. The base of Polki and other gemstones are wrapped in silver or gold foils to enhance the radiance which thereby, set on the top of wax in order to make Jadau Jewelry.

3. Kundan Facts

Kundan Facts
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There is a misconception about Kundan Jewelry that it is a precious or semi-precious stone. In fact Kundan is just gold Jewelry in the most purified form. In the making of Kundan Jewelry, stones are encrusted with hammer. The fun fact is that there is no heat involved in the making of this gorgeous Jewelry.

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