What colors make you look skinny

What Colors Make You Look Skinny

Bulgy bellies and over weights are something that we all are going through because of the unhealthy lifestyle we follow. Today women are more conscious about their weight and the urge to look thinner has also increased over the years which promote insecurities related to our body. Need not worry ladies! Play the color trick to look slimmer in seconds. Dark colors like black, grey, navy blue and other dark shades are your best friends if you want to conceal your belly fat.

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Black is a mysterious color which is directly associated with ‘elegance’. No matter what your body shape is, black suits everyone. It is the safest color to carry if you have absolutely nothing to wear or have no fashion sense. Talking about the other dark shades, they also play a vital role to give you a nice decent look. Dark colors make bold statement in fashion associated world. Surprisingly, dark shades have a lot to offer when it comes to looking thinner. They create an illusion in our eyes that our body looks flatter and the bulge is concealed by the dark tone. It makes difficult for eyes to access the shape.

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Silhouette color draws attention to your thinner body part and conceals the chubby side. You can carry dark colored high waist leggings with no fear of looking heavy because they flatten your tummy and work as a tucker for overall thigh areas also. Dark colors not only make you look slim but also helps in making you look taller also. It has ability to hide your outline in dim lighting. For official wear you can carry a structured jacket because it hides the curves from sides and create a balanced look.

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Dark colors can also be opted for shorts and skirts. If you wish to wear a pencil skirt then make sure it is darker in color. It will conceal the unwanted attention to the hip and thigh areas. A slight wider leg opening will make your legs appear longer. Not only clothes, accessory like wide belt can make a slim effect.  The belt draws attention to your waist and it provides an illusion of an hourglass shaped body. So, if you want to add a touch of sophistication and class then dark colors are must to have in your wardrobe.


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