Strands Of Pearl

Jackie Kennedy once said “Pearls are always appropriate” and we all would agree on that. Pearls are universally flattering and never really go away with time. Pearls are back this season perhaps the most creative and chicer way possible. They bring light to the face and goes with almost every outfit. When in doubt, you can cling onto pearls for accessorial assistance. Having binge watching Netflix’s The Crown many of us have developed a taste for English pearls. Worn by the longest living monarch the Queen even till date shows that this trend is here for lifetime. She carries Strand Of Pearls jewelry for all her formal visits, dinning and casual day out.


Cut to runway trend this year, many high-end brands like Gucci, Prabal Gurung, Channel and Oscar De La Renta showcased their pearl picks this year 2018. In spring 2018 the Prabal Gurung Show models walked the runway in Tasaki Jewelry. Bella Hadid look ravishing in the long pearl strand ear cuffs. From long strands to pearl and diamond danglers Prabal’s collection brought this trend in the most creative way possible.

Gucci used lot of pearl to top off its collections. From single strand choker pearl necklace to multi strands with Gucci placement right in the middle of pearl strand is perfect example of statement pieces. Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel explored pearls in relation to the outfit and in all versions- necklace, bracelet and earrings. Gucci this time played well with the shapes of the pearl. From small to unique shaped pearls were put on the strand. Many names like MIU MIU, Marni, Loewe, Celine, Alexander Wang and many more completed their looks by adding pearls.

While some accessorized with the pearls others included pearls in the outfit. We are talking about MIU MIU that threw some pearls on cowboy hat and Dolce & Gabbana for hanging on red drop earring.

Folks, it’s time that you must take note and dust off your pearl strands because they are back and in the most promising way. Whether your taste tend to skew more feminine, eclectic, Bohemian, minimal or somewhere in the middle, you can rely on pearls because that is what every woman needs. So, next time when you pick your outfit for office, a hot date or even stroll to the nearest market doesn’t forget to add a hint of pearl to it. Use pearls to embellish your neck, wrist, finger and ears. They can be large and saddy or small and classy. Try to mix them to get more gutsy like those of Chanel.


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