Camouflage prints never go out of fashion. It gives a masculine appeal; muted ascetic and very easy to pull off. It is a print that is too tempting for high and low fashion brands both. It’s not just army that can carry this print, it is the one made for each one of us. Kanye West seen a lot favoring this print now and then so are Bollywood actors.

1. Camo today

Camo today
Image- GQ

Dear men, now you might not have to crib for not having a lot of fashion items on your platter because you can play with camouflage in several ways you can imagine. Runway 2018 welcomed camouflage in many sort of ways and we love it. It has been reinvented and redecorated the world over by diverse designers. It has become less military and more of fashion all these years of its consecutive appearances. Military shades of olive and moss green, khaki beige, dirty brown and fawn are colors been experimented with other hues to make something voguish. Over the years, the masculinity of camouflage have become neutral to metrosexual. Variety of prints, textures and fabrics has been played with contemporary silhouettes.

2. Camo mixing 2 worlds

Camo mixing 2 worlds
Image- montreal gazette

Camouflage is an emblem of military people. They carry this print with pride on their sleeves. When introduced in fashion world they gave this print a makeover. They mixed various prints together and became a representation of hip hop culture as well. Fashion is an art form and like other art forms, it is thrived on breaking free of the norms.

3. Men’s Camo Jacket

Men’s Camo Jacket
Image- ebay

For beginner we say, go for jacket first. As an outerwear, this design is classic and less of bold statement which makes it easy to pull off. You don’t have think a lot while pairing camo jacket with your outfit. Make it all black beneath and there you have it. Zara is having a lot of options for you in camo jackets. It is a rule, try not to carry to many camo at once with different hues in an outfit.

4. Men’s camo trousers

Men’s camo trousers
Image- aliexpress

Speaking of hip hop culture, it was stapled ever since. It might be a risky idea today but if you can pull it off well, then it is one of the comfy thing to be around. Printed trousers require a bigger leap of faith while styling. Denim jacket and camo trouser is a contrast that looks good. but going military design all over might make you look like an armed combat on streets. You wouldn’t want that!

5. Men’s camo bag

Men’s camo bag
Image- monte blanc

For people who are not sure about this print, the best and safest way is to carry on bag. You might not have to think a lot. Always remember to personalize whatsoever you carry, only then you’ll feel comfortable into it. Backpacks are essential for any man and what best way to carry other than this.

Get yours today!

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