Monsoon Footwear

Monsoon Footwear

Fragrance of wet soil, smell of hot samosa’s from nearby food joint and drizzling clouds, who don’t want to get out of home? Monsoon is like a festival in India. After beating intense heat during summer, everybody hopes for the rain and when it arrives we people tend to enjoy it in our own way. Stepping out in monsoon and we all know what is waiting outside, the muddy roads and water full pits everywhere. This can invite various allergies and bacteria to attack your feet first. Your cute pedicure can also be into trouble.

Wearing your beautiful and expensive shoes in monsoon can destroy them. You cannot even stay back at home what should be done? Wearing old and ugly footwear with cute dresses is no option. We all know Indian roads! Taking chance and letting drainage water into your shoes can lead to dampness, bacterial attack, and foul smell and may cause several other allergies and irritation. Well we have a solution for monsoon footwear. Now, stay stylish in monsoon too.


flipflopThere are very cute flip-flops available in the market in variety of colours to go well with whatever you wear. Flip-flops are fun footwear and are washable also. You need not worry if your flip flops go dirty this monsoon season. It is a great choice to be worn with denim, kurtas and casual dresses. Flip-flops are firm and rain friendly footwear that you can carry all day long at your college or casual outings.

Tevas or Sports sandals

sandalsThey must look old school but later you will thank us for this option. They are rubber soled sandals with straps perfect for monsoon. Besides breathable Tevas are safe because during monsoon roads and floors get slippery and you might fall. Straps of these sandals keep your feet together and prevent slippage.


crocsCrocs are again rubber shoe which is covered from front which doesn’t let mud or water to enter your shoe and dampen your feet. It is one of the best choices to go with. It has tiny hole on the top of it which makes it breathable. Guess what? It is available in various colours to complement your casual look.


wedgesToo much casual? You can surely wear this one to office. Wedges are better than heels in monsoon season. Heels are slippery and might lead to foot injury and why to mess expensive pair. Keep wedges for your office wear. It looks elegant and trendy too.

Rubber shoes

rubber shoesAs name suggests, rubber shoes are made up of rubber which is water repellent. It is a best escape for leather shoes because leather shoes turn green when come in contact with water and may cause bacterial infection. If you really want to cover your feet, try rubber shoes. They are light weight and durable.

Enjoy monsoon with right shoe and happy monsoon to all!


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