Turquoise Stone Benefits

 Turquoise Stone Benefits

Turquoise gemstone is known to be one of the oldest gems that have been used in ornaments due to its unique color. The Egyptian Pharaohs found this gemstone in Sinai Peninsula in 3200BC. It is also said that about 3000 miners has put their effort together to mine the gemstone. Turquoise gained its popularity amongst the youth and in India because of the Bollywood actor Salman Khan, who is said to carry a 50 carat turquoise in a silver bracelet. It is a stone of victory (Hajaro-I-Zafar), the stone of prevalence (Hajaro-I-Ghalabeh), the stone of eye (Hajaro-I-Ein) and stone of dignity (Hajaro-I-Jah).
Read on Turquoise Stone Benefits:

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According to astrology, Turquoise is gemstone with utmost healing capacity. The sky blue colored stone with a little white and green concoction is brittle in nature. Thus, one is required to handle the ornament carefully. The stone is also popular by the name of Firoza. Apart from its unmatchable charm and gorgeous color this gemstone has a lot to offer in astrological terms. Firoza tone is mostly used as bead gemstone, bracelets, necklace and rings. For centuries, turquoise holds a great value to Tibet and Mongolia. In Tibet, it is predominately silver mounted. They consider it to be deity and famous families there have acquired this gemstone’s name as their last name to bring good luck.

1.Mental healing

Mental Healing
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Turquoise is a crystal that is known to heal stage fright. Turquoise is meant for the people who are afraid of public speaking. It makes the person more confident, loving, creative and honest. It helps to boost the mental characteristics- serenity, creativity, empathy, sensitivity, positivity, intuition, happiness and wisdom. All of them help to make a person calmer in nature. For bringing self-awareness in life, this stone is perfect pick.

2.Physical healing

Physical healing
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The stone is believed to be useful in cases of Rheumatism, viral infections, gout and stomach ailments. For throat and teeth related issues it is beneficial to have around. For people dealing with depression, anger or lung infection this is a medicinal as well. Turquoise is peal healer, reliever that has anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties.

3.Chakra healing

Chakra healing

Healing powers of Turquoise are said to open all chakras that allows stone’s powers of love and communication to flow through the entire being. The healing power of this gemstone is subject to be associated with the 5th chakra i.e. throat.

Turquoise is a versatile stone and meant for people who wish to find zeal in their life. It has captivated the humanity and held a high esteem worldwide. A remark of luck and royalty Turquoise is one with so many positive attributes. As more and more people wake up to the benefits of this amazing gemstone, its popularity surely going to climb up in future.

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