Benefits Of Crystals

Benefits Of Crystals

Healing stones, crystals and semi-precious gemstones look graceful and appealing when carved in jewelries. As the name suggest, healing stones are believed to have an amazing healing power whoever carries it. They have an extraordinary ability to transmit and transform energies in the pursuit of health, wellness and deep spirituality. These stones are created from the Magma found in the inner core of the earth. These crystals then heated, cooled and carved. Besides being agelessly stunning, these crystals are known for their healing to physical, emotional and mental healing as it is abundant with benefits and there are more benefits of crystals

Perhaps due to age and primary roots gemstones, crystal gems possess a strong energy field that leaves an impact on our life. Also, the color influences our state of mind which makes a sense that why people carry gemstones. Reviving 4BC, the time of ancient civilizations that of Chinese, Egyptians, Sumerians, Greeks Romans and Shamans, gemstones played a vital role back then for healing purposes. Even today these crystals are called precious stones because they are rare. Such beliefs still exists in this modern age. The anti-inflammatory properties of quartz are used in high end cosmetics, jade bracelets are commonly worn by Chinese for good health.

Here’s is a guide to popular crystals and their healings:


Precious stones, semi-precious stones, gemstones and crystal jewelry are uses to attain healinf for mind body and soul integrity. Just as body absorbs and emits energy likewise crystals absorb, store, generate and emit energy. It works on our chakras and provides peace to our mind, health to our body and cleans our soul. For all-round benefits Turquoise is known to be one of the powerful stones. It works on the calmness, help mind to fight anxiety and exhaustion. Turquoise helps to absorb nutrients and strengthen our immune system. It’s purifying properties and inflammatory powers make it one of the most versatile power stone.


Healing stones not only adds up a beauty quotient but also improves physical health. These crystals with unparalleled beauty are the storehouse of energy and raise the level of your body too. For Instance, Emerald aids healing the areas of eyesight, liver function, strengthens the immune system and helps to recover from pneumonia infection. It also detoxifies the blood and is anti-inflammatory. Breathing, heart, lymph nodes, blood, thumus, pancreas, balance blood sugar, childbirth, labor, respiratory inflammations.


Many crystals and stones are entitled to provide a great help in focusing and achieving lucidity. Stress takes over the mind and leads to mental illnesses which come with poor decision making and negative feelings. It is one of the best benefit of wearing healing crystal is that you can protect you and your loved ones from negative thoughts and psychic attacks. Amethyst is a very powerful crystal for mental healing. Clarity to mind, relieve stress, sooths sadness and balance mood. It stimulates motivation, concentration and memory. Amethyst helps to be institutive and develop psychic abilities.


Confidence is the key to success in order to achieve goals. You can carry stunning healing crystals in bracelets, necklaces, pendants or other jewelry forms. For instance, Aquamarine is known to build confidence and provides a calming effect to our mind. It also works on the communication skills and arouses self-confidence whoever carries it. Similarly, Amber- a yellow stone helps in relieving stress and clearing depression. It is a stone to enhance creativity. Red Calcite is also entitled to boost morale.


For people searching love, heart broken or love struck, a stone that can heal all the relationships and develop a positive aura is a boon. Rose Quartz is a widely celebrated gemstone that is known for encouraging love for others and self. It comes with an aura where the wearer foresees self-acceptance, self-love and personal worth. Its heart opening qualities act soothing on nervous system, decreasing stress levels and boost to happiness, trust and harmony. It also stimulates peace, harmony, forgiveness and compassion. It attracts unconditional love and nurturance.


A stone that brings prosperity and money along is something most of the people would look forward for. Citrine is known to attract prosperity and success. Citrine increases the concentration and removes all negativity. It is gorgeous yellow colored stone that is also called as “stone of mind”. It invites wealth and prosperity in your life. Due to its abundance in qualities, it is also known as “Lucky merchant stone”.


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