Shoes every man should own
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Shoes every man should own

Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally. It defines who you are. A wise man once said never compromise spending on shoes because they travel with you just like an address. We all know men love shoes; it is important ingredient of a man’s dressing. Everyman needs a shoe that can suit his personality. Take an account on these shoes that every man needs in his everyday dressing to ace the casual as well as occasional look. There is a list of 7 shoes every man should own

1.Leather Dress shoes

leather shoes

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Dress shoes are the shoes only wore with suits and tux. Dress shoes are the most important shoes for a man because when you carry suit you look different from your everyday dressing and you need to look classy from head to toe. There is nothing like a good leather dress shoe. Leather dress shoes can be a bit heavy on your pocket but if you can make a wise choice you can definitely last your shoes longer.

2.Casual Sneakers
Casual Sneakers

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Street sneakers, boat sneakers, casual high low sneakers and so on are the popular sneakers most wore in this summer. Sneakers and espadrilles are perfect shoes for casual wearing and getting brunch ready. They are colorful and available in various patterns. You can carry them with denims and shorts. Sneakers are all a man needs this summer.

3.Work Boots
work boots

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After intense heat a nice shift in weather with drizzle brings change in our footwear too. Sneakers are not water repellent therefore they can invite various foot infections in monsoon and leather shoes must not be carried in monsoon because it can cause serious bacterial infection. In that case, cool work boots are your best friend. They are water resistant and look amazing with chinos and fit jeans. They can be a bit costly but woodland have a wide range for your monsoon wearing.

4.Loafers or Moccasins

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Loafers and Moccasins are one of the coolest shoes. You can carry them at office and also complements the tux also. Moccasins have some knots on it which add spice to its amazing look. For achieving a perfect semi-formal look loafers are your good friend.

5.Brown leather brogues

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How can a man not love brown brogues? Beautiful and expensive shoe can blow the minds at your office. Brogues cannot be worn with every dress but they are your best companion for luxury dressing. Be it suit, semi formals, chinos them brogues can woo your boss.

6.Flip flops
flip flops

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Beaches are simply incomplete without flip flops on your feet. Wear them with shorts and a nice hat. It can make your beach day a cooler and stylish day.

7.Sports shoes
sports shoes

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Sports shoes are must if you are a man who loves to gym and exercise. It can help you too be more active during exercising as it involves jumping and bending. For this purpose you need a reliable shoe that can take the pressure easily. Nike, Adidas, Fila and so on have a wide range for your sportswear.


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