shoes every woman should own

Shoes Every Woman Should Own

You can ask Cinderella, “Right shoes can change your life.” No one recognized her existence by the time she wore that beautiful pair and then she was no less than a walking goddess. Well ladies, shoes are the essential part of your personality. From your make up to the dress everything depends upon you tips.  “Give a woman right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world.” For the later part you need to know where you should rest your feet. Are you not sure about which heel you should carry on which dress and when occasion? Well, this article is something you should bookmark. Best shoes every woman should own in 2018

Read about how you can pick up the most eligible pair for yourself.

1.Kitten heels

Kitten heels
Image- the fashion tag

Most of the ladies are afraid to walk in heels because of the obvious reasons: The pain and the fear. Well kitten heels are perfect starters. As the name says kitten heels are the smallest heel that not only quenches the thirst of carrying a heel but also take good care of your feet. If you are wearing ethnic, this is your type. The basic heels are pain free so this heel has a healing effect too. If you have a good height then there is no need to climb a double store buy this shoe today.


Wedges are the smart shoes that every lady out there should own. If you want to look taller, better and comfortable then wedges are no less than a boon. This type of heels do not have space in between which makes it more comfortable. Wedges are available in wide variety and are made for the ladies who still fear of wearing heels. If you are getting ready for casual dining or even brunch, wedges will be your promise shoes. You can pair them with a cute little dress and appropriate accessories.

3.Pump heels

Pump heels
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Pump heels are the beginning of arcade movement. These heels do not have any platform. Formal dressing generally has these shoes in common. A black suit and them pump heels is what all corporate ladies want. You can also carry them with casual dresses. Priyanka chopra is famous b-town actor who carries pump heels. Wide variety and a perfect beginning; pump heels.

4.Platform heels

Platform heels
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Platform is called a base which is higher than the ground level. Ladies, if you are little short in height then platform heels might serve your purpose. Unlike the pump heels, they have a thicker sole which gives a comfortable yet taller rest to the feet. It is your perfect party pair. If you are planning a Saturday night get away, this shoe will woo everybody at the party. From t-straps, ankle straps to no strap platform heels are available in market.

5.High heels

High heels
Image- Hollywood reporter


High heels are the queen of all heels and the highest amongst all. They sometimes look similar to the platform heels. Shimmery dresses, simple dresses, long dresses, short dresses and evening dresses, high heels are versatile to make all your evening engagements successful. It can give you a formal as well as informal look. Always remember the ‘heel-toe rule’, while walking in high heels. First keep your heel on the ground followed by toe. It will be the most comfortable way to walk around in heels for longer period.

6.Heel booties and high heel boots

Heel booties and high heel boots
Image- ornazi

Winters are incomplete without high boots. You can carry them with denims, dresses or at office. They not only keep you warm but also stylish.

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