Men's Wardrobe Essentials

Men’s Wardrobe Essentials

-First impression is the last impression they say. You would want to make a better first impression on people you meet. While your personality and wise nature stands for itself you need to ace up you fashion game too. College is a fun place to be and perfect place where you can make a fashion statement around the campus. We have assembled few must-haves in the list below that a man must have in his wardrobe at 20’s.

1.White crew neck T-shirt

White crew neck T-shirt
Image- lifestylebyPS

It’s time to drop those cheap t-shirts you’ve been wearing in your teenager. We get it, cheap 4-packs tees on amazon are tempting but adulthood begs us to invest in well-made version. You can’t go ouwrong with a white tee as it goes well with almost any bottom out there. For place like college, minimal and simple approach can save the day.

2.Classic grey sweatshirt

Classic grey sweatshirt
Image- roadster

Dress to impress without overlooking the comfort is probably the best way to be stylish. Don’t be a victim of sloppy clothing. Invest in basic sweatshirts that have crew necks instead. Let’s be honest, there is no thing as comfortable as sweatshirt. Pair with black washed denim and some boots would do the look.

3.Printed shirts

Printed shirts
Image- myntra

Check shirts are forever stylish. They come in a million variations of color and the pattern; all you need to do is carry them with confidence. For people who have simple taste, this approach can be a great way to impress. If you are experimental and cool with floral ones then add up some shirts today. While pairing floral shirts stick to minimal pairing because they take most of the attention.

4.Brown chinos

Brown chinos
Image- target

There come the time when we have presentations to make and present for that little formal event. Dressing up in complete corporate attire might be too much, turn to semi-formal pairing then. White shirt with brown chinos and slip-ons can make a smooth and fashionable statement.

5.Denim jacket

Denim jacket
Image- posh&trendy

Denim jackets make the best wear to top off with. The strong appeal and very chic look is perfect for winter day at college. pairing denim on denim is a style that never goes away. Blue or black washed denim jackets make the cut here.

6.Graphic t-shirts

Graphic t-shirts
Image- Bombaytrooper

T-shirts with statements are in today. For college peep this is one of the must have. A t-shirt with witty content is super cool. Also, it is one of the simplest college outfits and is literally meant for college going guys.

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