White T-shirt Outfit

White T-shirt Outfit

A white tee is something that every woman owns. If not then buy it today, because we’re going to keep simple yet very chic tips that will make basic white your muse. You can repetitively carry White T-shirt Outfit without getting sick of it. Styling white tee is overwhelming because you can do it infinite ways without looking same old story.

White tee is cool, versatile and staple that you can carry all year around and in any season. All you need to do is little play with other clothing items and there you go. But what do you wear with a white t-shirt to look fashion forward? Well, we have listed some styling ideas and tips to spice up this everyday t-shirt. Check them out!

1.Statement pieces will do

Statement pieces will do

Statement jewelry can help your basic white t-shirt a boost. A statement neckpiece, poppy colors on the neck, dangle earrings or even minimalist thin chains can bring the outfit some light. Here, white tshirt act as a background to your jewelry and it will let the statement pieces to take the center stage. We have listed out some cool statement pieces ideas to choose from.

2.Use it like inner

Use it like inner
Who What Wear

Been all over the internet, this look has reinvented the fashion trend. You can pair white tee with slip dresses, dungarees, or under any dress in darker shade. it became a big fashion trend the day it was seen on runway. We can’t think of any better way to style chic and classy.

3.It’s official

It’s official

White tshirt is so versatile that it can be your muse in office wear as well. Pair it with grey trousers, and play around with wrist accessories to put the garment together. You can also team this with a pencil skirt and a pullover tucked with cute belt. Throw some pumps to overall look and you are good to go. We bet, your colleagues or clients will be wooed by your fashion statement. Ornazi has some very cool any tips to upgrade outfit.

4.All is the play of bottoms

Melody Jacob
Melody Jacob

Change the bottom-change the vibe. Imagine, there is an office after party and you got no much time to change. All you need is to change your trouser to some hot mini sequence skirt; some accessories and you are ready. Carry it with skirt, denim, trouser, flared jeans, shorts or anything you can think of.

5.Knots lots

Knots lots
Bing on basics

Accessories and bottoms are the play; we know it. But can you play your tee? Yes, a little side knot and you just refreshed your look. try these very simple tips and tricks to carry same old thing but always new.

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