How To Look Taller

How To Look Taller

None of us are blessed entirely; other person shall always have something that you don’t. Some of us are either less endowed, struggling to grow beards or may be short in standard height. Here’s the fact, we can’t do anything about it and mustn’t blame ourselves. All of this should never stop us to look best. Wear fashion clothes, stay trendy and experiment as much because why not?

The formula for dressing taller isn’t really difficult to master. It is just few rules of thumb to keep in mind while shopping. Dressing is an art and art demands to be enjoyed. While dressing like a pro, the comfort and the enjoyment might go on stake. So, on lighter note here are some tips and tricks How To Look Taller for people who are 5’6 or less in order to appeal taller.

1.Hems should end at the ankles

Hems should end at the ankles

Ankle is the slimmest part of your leg hence it can be exposed and put to use. For people with short height, almost every pair of pants at the store is too long. Bottoms need to be cropped at the ankle or inch above it. If not crop, fold them neatly inwards.

2.Wear monochromatic

Wear monochromatic

Dark hues together flatter the height. By separating top and bottom with dark hues, both upper and lower body will get identity. Hence, both halves will appear taller than usual. It’s okay to carry prints and other colors occasionally.

3.Avoid low waist

Avoid low waist

Saggy pants are cool but for short people, we will have to think about it. You will want to wear a trouser at your natural waistline to maximize the height of your lower body: Longer the legs, taller the appearance. Go for straight or slimmer cut trousers with medium rise.

4.Short shirts will do

Short shirts will do

Long shirts tend to cover major of your legs, making them appear shorter than usual. Shirt should end just below the waist. Tuck in your shirts whenever possible. This helps to define your waist and hence your legs will appear longer. Make this a habit, we bet your height will never bother you.

5.Avoid heightening shoes

Avoid heightening shoes

Most people would recommend you to carry heeled shoes but let’s be honest, they are cheap and ugly. Risers are basically useless. You can’t fool anyone. Wear any footwear but with confidence. All you need to do is embrace and feel comfortable.


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