Bohemian Style

Bohemian Style

Boho is no longer stands for hippies of 1970’s; it has become a lifestyle now. When it comes to wardrobe bohemian fashion is one of the spectacular styles existing today. It can be characterized by long tied skirts, silver jewelry, peasant blouse and dresses with ethnic touch. Longing for freedom and yearning to break rules of the society like a true-blue free spirited rebellion bohemians have inspired the fashion and creativity today.
The whimsical styles of 1960’s and 1970’s have returned with a more elevated vibe. The key to subtle boho chic style is to avoid dressing in a stereotypical manner. Rebel with the outfit and make something cool out of it. But you see there is a thin line between boho chic style and hippie Halloween outfit. Here are some of the must have essentials if you want to be a part of Bohemian Style:

1. Maxi skirts

Maxi skirts

For starters this is something staple. While picking up boho wardrobe don’t forget to add some maxi skirts. They are effortless, sexy, and comfortable also come in great variety. They are easiest to build outfit from. All you need to pair them with a simple graphic t-shirt or a versatile vest.

2. Maxi Dresses and swing dresses

Maxi Dresses and swing dresses

Boho is associated usually with something airy and flowy material. In that case your little black bodycoon dress might be too flattering. Go for something swingy like swing dresses or tunics. They come in wide variety of hues and textures. Whereas maxi dresses are concerned, they are bliss to women fashion. Carry them with chunky jewelry, stacked up rings and gladiators and there you are all set for date night.

3. Footwear- Ankle boots, Gladiators

Footwear- Ankle boots, Gladiators

A cool pair of suede boots will look more boho than your pump heels. You can go to any height as far as boots are concerned. They are comfortable and versatile. Tan, brown, beige and grey are some hues in trend now. For gladiators are easy to pull off and slip on as well. To create a badass vibe, gladiators are something you need to own now. They will save you from your flip-flop dilemma.

4. Gypsy accessories

 Gypsy accessories

This is a note- for bohemian style you need to own as much as jewelry as you can because they’ve got major role to play. Bold chunky jewelry make the best cut here but you can go for minimalistic ones to for a delicate approach. Feel free to stack them, mix metals, textures and material. Consider hair pieces like headbands, hair pins or floral tiaras. They can give your overall look a next level vibe.

5. Carefree handbags and hats

Carefree handbags and hats

Handbags that are earthy, with patterns goes best for boho vibes. Consider fringed bags or tote bags to make a free spirited appeal. Make an addition to your overall look with floppy brimmed hat. They are known to add perfect gypsy flair to any outfit.

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